Even though it’s now been a while since I crocheted my version of the Sophie’s Universe Crochet-a-long I still keep on receiving questions about it on a more or less daily basis, so thought I would make a roundup post to hopefully answer all of your questions :)

Where can I find the pattern for Sophie’s Universe?

The pattern was designed by Dedri Uys from LookAtWhatIMade and can be found on her blog here.

What yarn did you use for your version?

I used Cascade Ultra Pima in Natural, Buff, Sage and Purple Ice for mine. It’s a very nice to work with 100% cotton yarn. You can buy the yarn on LoveCrafts.

How many parts does Sophie’s Universe have?

The official Sophie’s Universe version is made up of 18 parts. However, there are 3 optional parts to make your Sophie grow even further or add some extra cute bits to it.

How much yarn did you use for your version of Sophie’s Universe?

Good question – would be even better if I had kept track of it, then I would be able to answer! ;)

What hook size did you use for your version of Sophie’s Universe?

I used a Clover Amour 4.0 mm hook.

Do you have a round by round description of your colour choices?

Yes I do :) You can find all the parts under the following links:

Sophie’s Universe Part 1

Sophie’s Universe Part 2

Sophie’s Universe Part 3

Sophie’s Universe Part 4

Sophie’s Universe Part 5

Sophie’s Universe Part 6

Sophie’s Universe Part 7

Sophie’s Universe Part 8

…more to follow soon as even though my Sophie’s has been finished I still haven’t managed to find the spare time to publish all the rounds.

Even though I’m trying to make this collection as complete as possible I’m sure there is a slight chance that I might have missed out on a particular question. Please feel free to message me and I’ll update this post :)

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Happy Crocheting!

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