Every one of my patterns usually has a history. Mitch has a comparably long history. I created him over 2 years ago when one of my friends told me that her 3-year-old son is heavily into moles. It might sound odd but one of the main characters of a German children’s TV program is a cute little mole. I really loved him when I was little (which is slightly longer than 2 years ago ;)) so I can understand and I was more than happy to crochet a cuddly companion for him.

You might wonder that why I’m only getting around to publish the pattern though. I designed a mole, it flew to Germany and was happily received by its new recipient. I wrote the pattern down, got it tested but even after that I wasn’t completely satisfied with my yarn choice and put it in the “finish at some point pile”. This was until I came across Scheepjes Stonewashed yarn, which is PERFECT and exactly what I was looking for all the time for Mitch :)

So when Mitch was done I took him on a quick photoshoot, even though it appeared to be slightly more difficult than I expected it to be.

Mitch- The Mole

First he was hiding and really didn’t want to get any pictures taken of him.

Mitch- The Mole

Then he started playing with his hat and wasn’t wearing it how he should be..

Mitch- The Mole

As I told him off, he threw his beanie off the couch.

Mitch- The Mole

And by the end, I finally managed to get a half-decent picture of him!

That was much more difficult than I expected it was going to be ;)

If I have inspired to you make a cheeky, not so little (he is 36 cm tall!), mole yourself you can find the pattern for Mitch on ravelry. And also since I’m still feeling a bit lonely on Instagram, why not come over and see if you might find a discount code there? :)

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Happy Crocheting!

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  1. Such a shy mole :) But he looks really good, you can tell him that!
    I know this television show – and a childrensbook named “The Story of the Little Mole Who Went in Search of Whodunit”
    Thank god your mole has a hat!


  2. So cute! I’ve added to my favs on Ravelry – and may make after I finish a couple of WIPs and an upcoming trip abroad (the first time abroad in my 70* years!)
    Thank you for the smile….I needed it – and your “photo session comments were so fun! THANK YOU!

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