Have you ever squished some hand-dyed yarn before? if your answer to this question is yes, you will understand why I’m so obsessed with it. And it’s not only the squishiness that makes hand-dyed yarn so attractive. Every single skein is unique and so beautiful to look at. A piece of art, that turns crocheting into a truly special treat. You might find that there are more knitting patterns available for hand-dyed yarns. But don’t be fooled, hand dyed yarn isn’t inclusively for knitters it is and I’m here to show you how beautiful it is to crochet with it.

But before I show you what you can do with it, you might want to know what makes it so special.

Why is indie dyed yarn so special?

Indie dyed yarn is a type of yarn that has been dyed on a small scale by an independent business. The most common yarn bases are either cotton or wool, which can com from independent or small-scale farmers. Indie yarn is often hand-dyed using natural dyes, which adds to its uniqueness and beauty.

Where to best find and buy indie dyed yarn?

I can help you with this. I’m currently in the process of collecting a list for you. So stay turned until this post gets updated soon. This directory of indie dyers won’t be exhaustive, so if I have forgotten to add your favourite yarn fairy please let me know and I will make sure that I add them to my list. I will also sorted them for you by country. This way you can explore and find out if someone very local is producing amazing yarn. I personally try to buy my yarn as locally as possible.

Why do indie dyed yarns come in skeins?

Ever wondered why indie yarns tend to come in skeins? There are a couple of very simple reasons. Firstly it is much easier for the dye to penetrate the yarn when it is a loose skein. Having the yarn as a skein also enables the dyer to be more targeted on where they apply their dye to achieve a certain effect. It is also a perfect way to store the yarn in a way which doesn’t stretch it. As yarns do not carry a “use by” date (imagine if so!) the producer doesn’t know how long it will be until you start using your yarn so keeping it as a skein will keep it in its ideal state until you’re ready to use it.

Should I turn my skein into a ball?

Absolutely, yes you should but not straight away. Please store your skein as a skein, your yarn will thank you for that. Just wind it into a ball before you are about to start a project. Don’t try to actually crochet straight from a skein. I’ve made this mistake for you before. It ended in a big pile of yarn vomit. So really cannot recommend trying to crochet straight from a skein. It will become tangled no matter how careful you are.

How to use indie dyed yarn

So you wound your skein into a ball but what’s next? Time to get started on your special project. This could be a shawl, scarves or maybe a hat? A perfect one skein wonder. Or why not splash out and make a garment for yourself or some home decor items? Given that indie yarn is generally dyed in small batches each skein is unique, which all a special touch to any of your projects. To make the best out of your indie-dyed yarn try combining it with different colours and textures to create an interesting effect. I tend to pair it with solid-coloured yarn to help your luxurious yarn truly shine. So experiment and go wild, but always remember to swatch your yarn before starting a project. You don’t want to play yarn chicken with your precious yarn as it won’t be easy to “buy another one” to ensure that you can finish your project.

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Happy Crocheting!

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