When I was a kid I used to spend loads and loads of time colouring pretty pictures. I’m not particularly talented at drawing myself but I always enjoyed painting pictures and also doing those “paint by numbers” pictures. Even though they had the habit to sadly never end up the way they were supposed to, looking at the packaging.

Kaleidoscope Wonder Color Art for everyone

When you look in book shops now more and more pretty colouring books are popping up. However a small voice in my head kept on saying that this is something reserved for the younger generation.

So when Leisure Arts kindly sent me a free copy of their new book Kaleidoscope Wonders colour Art for everyone I didn’t had any little voices in my head stopping me to get my colouring accessories out.

Kaleidoscope Wonder Color Art for everyone

I somehow managed to collect a huge  amount of  Sharpie over the years… One of those things which you only realise when you move and suddenly “re-find” things…

The book contains 24 lovely designs, which are printed on really thick paper on one side only. Which means that even using permanent markers you don’t end up accidentally colouring the next page. So perfect for every taste.

Kaleidoscope Wonder Color Art for everyone

Flicking through the different designs my eyes were first drawn to a lovely heart design, which I can’t wait to finish off. You might wonder now why I stopped at this stage… Well even though I do have a wide colour selection I don’t seem to have the ones I really wanted so I might have to go shopping fairly soon again :)

Kaleidoscope Wonders is only one out of many beautiful colouring books by Leisure Art. Find the whole collection here.

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Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book to review. However, I was not financially compensated and the opinions in this post are my own. This post contains affiliate links, which will help to sustain my blog.


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