Well I joined a CAL and what comes next might be slightly embarrassing. But only slightly ;) In October I was talking about that I’m going to do a catch up approach on the CAL. Well I did for a couple of squares. This one I actually did in in the beginning of October. I uploaded the pictures onto the blog ready to write the blog post about it and then, hmm, nothing. I forgot that I actually made that square! My “I-just started a new job/ searching for a new place to live/ need to make tons of Christmas presents and also some commissions”-brain just forgot about it. Then today I was looking at my stash and realised that it should be about time to finally finish the CAL I actually wanted to gift as a Christmas present. Oh well it’s going to be a this year’s Christmas present then.

Back to this square lovely Dedri from LookatwhatImade has again made a phototutorial for the tricky bits if you need some help.

Even though this CAL is officially over now it’s still not too late to say hello to the Official CCC Social Group on Facebook,as they’re a lovely bunch of girls who help you with all crochet related questions, so even if you’re not interested in CALs it’s worth joining the group!). Besides that as they’re super busy-bee’s they’re already onto the next CAL, which I’m going to join as well (well at some point as I want to get at least most of the squares done before starting on another large scale project again!)

Week 15 More V’s please

More V's please by Melinda Miller

Pattern of the week is More V’s please by Melinda Miller (click here for the pattern)

You’ll need:

  • 5 mm hook
  • yarn ”cake” of your choice ( I used Stylecraft Special DK in denim, mocha and parchment for my square)

If you want to follow my colour palette here is a little list of my colour choices, or a little help to get you going with your colours:

More V's please by Melinda Miller

Round 1: Parchment

More V's please by Melinda Miller

Round 2-4: Denim

More V's please by Melinda Miller

Round 5-7: Parchment

More V's please by Melinda Miller

Round 8: Mocha

More V's please by Melinda Miller

Round 9: Parchment

More V's please by Melinda Miller

Round 10: Mocha

More V's please by Melinda Miller

Round 11: Parchment

More V's please by Melinda Miller

I would love to see how your square turned out so please feel free to link your end result to the CALs Flickr group or post it onto the CAL groups page. But a warning! Those two groups are MASSIVELY addictive and you’ll want to make more than just the lovely squares you’ll see there!

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Happy Crocheting!

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