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It’s A Boy

2014 will be the year of babies. A couple of my friends are pregnant at the moment, which is really nice as this means for me that I can crochet more cute baby items :). So this time I was allowed to make something for a lovely little boy and the wish was for it to be in blue so this is what I came up with :)

Baby Boy Crochet Set

It’s a set with hat, shoes, a small blanket and a rattle :)

Baby Boy Crochet Set

The hat was a simple but still very nice basic beanie made with the “half double crochet hat ” pattern by oombawka design, while the shoes are the Newborn baby booties pattern by repeat crafter me, which I made before. I really like this pattern as they whip up so quickly. I used a 6.5 mm hook for both of them and made them in a yarn, which I fell in love with after I touched it. It is Rico Design Basic Acrylic Chunky in Navy, which is strangely hard to come by. I haven’t seen it around often but I’m a huge fan of Rico Design yarns so I had to give it a try.

Baby Boy Crochet Set

But sadly after a run in the washing machine the yarn went really “fluzzy”, which was a little bit of a let down as I haven’t had this experience with other acrylic yarn before. Maybe this is the reason why you hardly see it in shops?

Baby Boy Crochet Set

For the elephant blanket I digged deep into my yarn stash and it’s Hayfield Bonus DK in colours I can’t name anymore ( they were leftovers from projects I did before I had my proper “stash-control” system in place ;)) I made the girly version, Grace, just very recently. While this one is Edward, the circus elephant again a more than just adorable pattern by Dedri Uys from LookatwhatImade. This time I even sticked to the blanket pattern given in the pattern ;) I just made it slightly bigger than Dedri suggested to be more blanket rather than a small comforter.

Baby Boy Crochet Set

Well and than there is a rattle :) You might have seen already my Grace rattle, while this one is Edward the rattle. So now you might be wondering where you can find the pattern for this one? Watch this space as it’ll be released next week :)

Baby Boy Crochet Set

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Happy Crocheting!

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10 thoughts on “It’s A Boy

  1. This is such a cute bundle! That mom and baby are being spoiled rotten :).
    Now I wish I had made the elephant instead of the lion. Or do you think the rattle would work with a lion head? I wasn’t sure because Napolion’s head is so much smaller than Graces. . . Anyway congrats to all those mamma’s, hope you have healthy babies!!!

    • Thank you Carrie! I’ll be able to tell you rather soon how the lion will work as a rattle :) psst it’ll be next :)

    • Thanks Rhondda! I’m also sure that I’ll also be using your basic hat pattern more often! It works up so quickly! :)

  2. Thanks San! Do you think it’s a quick enough project to get done by Sunday? (That’s when I’m going to get to see the expecting mom) BTW I reeeeally love everything you made!!!

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