It’s Tuesday, which means that it’s CAL time again :) As I mentioned before I joined a CAL and so far it’s been lots of fun!

This week is again an intermediate square. I personally didn’t find it too tricky (as long as you keep up properly counting and your brain is fully functioning while making it, it’s really not that hard. I wouldn’t recommend doing it though while being so tired that you’re nearly falling asleep with your hook in your hand ;) hmm yes, might be me I’m talking about here…).

Anyways for anyone who wants to join the CAL, it’s still not too late to say hello to the Official CCC Social Group on Facebook, they’ll get you all the info you need and also post the pattern of the week every weekend (and they’re a lovely bunch of girls who help you with all crochet related questions, so even if you don’t want to join the CAL it’s worth joining the group!).

Week 3 Basket of Berries

The pattern of the week is Basket of Berries Square by Melinda Miller

You’ll need:

  • 5 mm hook
  • yarn”cake” of your choice ( I used Stylecraft Special DK in denim, mocha and parchment for my square)
yarn cakes with rhino

the little cute fellow you see in this picture is actually the result of a pattern test I did this weekend. More on him next week. :)

Finished size:

Mine came out just about 9 by 9 inches.

If you want to follow my colour palette here is a little list of my colour choices, or a little help to get you going with your colours:

Started off with Magic Ring

Round 1

Round 1: Parchment

Round 2

Round 2: Denim

Round 3

Round 3: Parchment

Round 4

Round 4: Mocha

Round 5

Round 5: Mocha

Round 6

Round 6: Mocha

Round 7

Round 7: Denim

Round 8

Round 8: Mocha

Round 9

Round 9: Mocha

Round 10

Round 10: Parchment

Round 11

Round 11: Parchment

finished square week 4

Round 12 & 13: Parchment

Since we’re now 4 squares into the CAL I made you a little group of pictures of all of my four squares so far. As you can see my first square turned out somewhat bigger than all of the others. We’ll see what I’ll come up with in the end to make it fit :)

all four squares

I would love to see how your square turned out so please feel free to link your end result to the CALs Flickr group or post it onto the CAL groups page. But a warning! Those two groups are MASSIVELY addictive and you’ll want to make more than just the lovely squares you’ll see there!

My friend Dedri, from lookatwhatImade, is also following the CAL (she is actually the person I blame for being “hooked” up in this CAL ;)), she is also using Stylecraft yarn but her colours are much more cheery, so free to hop over and have a look what she’s been up to.

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Happy Crocheting!

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  1. Hehe…I spy a rhino…

    Your blocks are gorgeous! And thank you for the link :) I like the two complete opposites of your sophisticated blocks and my bowl-of-fruit jumble :)


    • San Reply

      Do you? ;) He was photobombing all of my yarncake pictures… Cheeky little fellow…
      Thank you :) I do too! Think it’s impressive how the same pattern can be ending up in completely different results! x

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