Seems like I’m getting more and more busy crocheting things for charity. Which is actually quite good as it helps to reduce my yarn stash and also helps people at the same time :) This is now actually another project I wanted to talk about for ages but actually I got sidetracked by the blood drops. I started with this project before Christmas and actually wanted to show you something finished BEFORE I start talking about the project, but as life is busy it’s still a WIP, so nothing completely finish to show off. So what is this whole Crochet For Kidneys about. We’re crocheting hexagons, which are then turned into a blanket and donated to dialysis patients at the Royal London Hospital to brighten up their day a bit.

The requirements are:

  • any hexagon pattern you like to crochet
  • they must measure 15 cm from side to side
  • be done in cotton or acrylic DK yarn only
  • the last round needs to be white
  • and should be with Natasja by the 7th Feb 2014.

I know that my warning is a bit late but maybe you want something quick for over this weekend? Every hexi counts :) And if you don’t have time it still might be worthwhile to check out the facebook or ravelry group, as there might be another round coming up by the end of this year.

My hexagon pattern is actually an adaption of Liz’s cute hexagon pattern.

Hexagon pattern

Go over to Liz’s blog, say hello and make the first 3 rounds as stated in her pattern :)

Round 1

Round 1

Round 2

Round 2

Round 3

Round 3: what a cute hexi, I’ll def make a blanket or a pillow out of it at some point

and now my “extension”

Round 4

Round 4:  2 dc (tr, UK term) in every ch sp, (2 dc (tr, UK term), ch 3, 2 dc (tr, UK term) in corner space)

so that was easy :) and now keep on going like this until your squares measures 15 cm. I needed only one more row but you might need another one depending on what hook size you’re using and how tight you crochet.

Round 5

Tada! There is one more hexagon which can be turned into a blanket.

So now you might be thinking but why did that take her so long? Hm cause I’m not actually only making one hexagon, I’m actually making a whole blanket :)

Crochet for Kidneys

It’s nearly there. Just need to add a nice border and some cute extras :) So I’ll def get it done by the end of next week :)

Happy Crocheting!

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