After 2013, 2014 is going to be another year of weddings. I’m always quite excited when someone is getting married, especially when they’re close to me :) So after making cake toppers last year, I offered a good friend to help her with the decoration. With the confidence of one wedding item under my “belt”, I thought this one should be slightly easier to tackle. It might be possible be that I was slightly too optimistic on that front ;) So this time there won’t be cake toppers, I’m in charge of the bunting. Even though I’ve got still some time till the summer I thought that I should start early with the designs, then I’ve got enough time to make the proper big banner in the end. One of the banner elements is supposed to have a heart included in the triangle itself and after playing around with some yarn over the weekend I came up with my Granny Heart Triangle :). As Valentine’s day is approaching and I see more and more Valentine’s day patterns popping up I thought I’ll let this Granny Heart Triangle transform into a Valentine’s Heart Bunting for you to enjoy :)

Granny Heart Bunting by Loopsan

Granny Heart Triangle Bunting – Free Pattern

You’ll need:

  • DK cotton yarn in blue, white and red (I actually used Drops Cotton light, which is a cotton/polyester mix)
  • 4 mm hook
  • tapestry needle
Wool for Heart Bunting



ch= chain

sc= single crochet (US term); double crochet (dc, UK term)

hdc= half double crochet (US term); half treble crochet (htr, UK term)

dc = double crochet (US term); treble crochet (tr, UK term)

trc = trible crochet (US term); double treble crochet (dtr, UK term)

sl st = slip stitch

st= stitch(es)

In my patterns, UK terms are always given in brackets.


Let’s get started:

with red:

Make Magic ring, ch 3 (counts as first dc (tr))

Round 1

Round 1: 2 dc (tr), ch 3, *3 dc (tr), ch 3*, * 3 times, sl st in first ch 3.

Round 2

Round 2: ch 3, dc (tr) in next 2 st, *2 dc (tr) in corner, ch 2, 2 dc (tr) in corner, dc (tr) in next 3 st*, 3 times, 2 dc (tr) in corner, ch 2,  2 dc (tr) in corner, sl st in first ch 3.

Round 3

Round 3: ch 1, sc (dc) in next 5 st , 1 hdc (htr), 1 dc (tr), 1 trc (dtr), 3 trc (dtr), 1 trc (dtr), 1 dc (tr), 1 hdc (htr), sl st, 1 hdc (htr), 1 dc (tr), 1 trc (dtr), 3 trc (dtr), 1 trc (dtr), 1 dc (tr), 1 hdc (htr), sc (dc)in next 9 st, ch 3, 3 sc (dc), sl st in first ch

fasten off, weave in ends

Slip stitch Round 4

Round 4: sl st into middle of ch space of round 1, ch 1, skip first st, sc (dc) in next 3 st, 2 sc (dc) in next 4 st, sc (dc) in next 11 st, ch 3, sc (dc) in next 11 st, 2 sc (dc) in next 4 st, sc (dc) in next 3 st, ch 1, sl st into ch space of round 1.

Round 4

fasten off weave in ends. We’ve got our heart yuhuuu :) Now we’re going to make that into a nice bunting.

with blue

Round 5

Round 5: sl st in corner sc (dc) of your heart, ch 3, dc (tr) in same st, dc (tr) in next 3, trc (dtr) in next 3, skip middle st, trc (dtr) in next 3, dc (tr) in next 3, 2 dc (tr), ch 2, 2 dc (tr) in next st, dc (tr) in next 16 st, ch 3, dc (tr) in next 16 st, 2 dc (tr), ch 3 sl st to first ch 3.

Round 6

Round 6: ch 3, dc (tr) in same st, dc (tr) in next 15 st, 2 dc (tr), ch 3, 2 dc (tr), dc (tr) in next 17 st, 2 dc (tr), ch 3, 2 dc (tr), dc (tr) in next 17 st, 2 dc (tr), ch 3, st st to first ch 3

Round 7

Round 7: ch 3, dc (tr) in same st, dc (tr) in next 18 st, 2 dc (tr), ch 3, 2 dc (tr), dc (tr) in next 20 st, 2 dc (tr), ch 3, 2 dc (tr), dc (tr) in next 20 st, 2 dc (tr), ch 3, sl st to first ch 3.

fasten off weave in ends.

with white

Round 8

Round 8: sl into corner space, *skip 1 st, 5 dc (tr), skip next st, sl st* 6 times, 3 dc (tr) in corner, sl st, *skip 1 st, 5 dc (tr), skip next st, sl st* 6 times

fasten off weave in ends.

Triangles unconnected

To connect the square I ch 60, then “fix” the triangle with sc to the chain, ch 20 before you attached your next triangle.

triangles connected

You can block your bunting if you want to but that’s up to you :)

Granny Heart Bunting by Loopsan

Hope you’re enjoying making your Valentine’s Heart Bunting.

I would love to see how your bunting turned out so please feel free to post a picture to my Facebook wall or link the project to your Ravelry account.

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Happy Crocheting!

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Disclaimer:  This pattern is not for resale so please do not sell it to other people. If you do use it and enjoy it, I’d be grateful for a link back to my blog and the pattern, but please don’t copy and paste it to your website or copy my pictures. You’re allowed to sell finished items created with the pattern, but please do give me credit as the designer (link back to the blog when selling online). Thank you!


I’m San and I’m the voice behind Loopsan. I’m a scientist by day (oh-no nerd alarm ;-)) but at night I turn into a crafter with heart. I love to crochet, bake, travel, keep memories in photographs and love everything DIY.


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    • San Reply

      You’re welcome :) Can’t wait to see how it will turn out :) x

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  3. Really lovely and perfect to help transition from winter to spring. I am going to hang mine over a window. Thank you.

  4. I adore granny squares and love this festive pattern! Hope you won’t mind me linking up at Tangled Happy tomorrow. Thanks so much for sharing your bunting pattern!

    • San Reply

      Glad you like it :) Linking up? No problem :) Thanks a lot! x

  5. I saw your pattern over at Tangled Happy! This is an awesome pattern and excellent tutorial. BRAVO.
    I’m definitely trying this! I made a heart bunting tutorial a few weeks ago – but I will make a buddy for it and hang yours as well!

    • San Reply

      Thank you! Can’t wait to see it next to your cute little houses :) Seems like I need to make mine a buddy as well :)

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  8. Thank you so much for sharing the pattern. My son is getting married this year and this will be perfect.

  9. Hi there wow what a lovely pattern!!! Just a question if I may: in row 2 every corner should have 2dc 2chains 2 dc, however should I follow the pattern it seems in the last corner only end up having 2dc thus ending with 2dc 2chains SS in beg 3 chains. Hope I make sense. It make the rest a little bit trickey because I am not sure if you included those 2dc. Really hope I make sense. Thank you

    • San Reply

      Thank you :) And yes you’re right! Thanks for spotting this! On the pic you can see that they’re 2 dc 2 ch and 2 dc in every corner. Just corrected the pattern :) San x

  10. I am a bit confused.. In round 2, there are 36 stitches when the round is finished. But round three has 37 stitches, and the bottom point of the heart ends up shifted to the right side a bit. After chain 1 in round 3, am I supposed to do the first of the 6 stitches in the same stitch as round 2s finishing slip stitch? That is the only way I can “solve” it. Hope this makes sense… Thank you!

    • San Reply

      sorry for thaking so long to reply! Couldn’t find a quiet time to sit down and redo the pattern lately. :( You spotted a mistake in the pattern Thanks a lot! It’s 5 st instead of 6 :) I just corrected it, so should be fine now :) can’t wait to see how your bunting will turn out :) San x

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