To be honest I don’t really know where to start but I’m very sorry that it has been taking so long. I know that several of you have been writing emails about when I’m finally going to publish the pattern or if they missed out on its publication to start off with. No, you haven’t missed out on it. I was just fully taken over my life (I know I’ve been saying this for nearly a year now!) I’m really busy in my full-time job and owning a house didn’t really help the situation either. Up until about 3 months ago, there were hardly any days where I didn’t have a crochet hook in my hand, it’s no more the days where I actually do have a crochet hook that are really precious! Plus at the moment I don’t really seem to get any proper sleep at all which means that as soon as I come home from work I feel like I’m more sleepwalking than actually being able to answer emails or write a blog post which makes at least semi-sense.

Oh well, but why am I telling you all this, what you want is finally getting started on the pattern ;) I actually wanted to retake most of the pictures but given my current time constraints I decided against it, otherwise, the pattern wouldn’t be published for at least another month or so. So I hope you’ll find the current pictures helpful and I’ll update them with some nicer ones at a later stage. Plus as this square is really photo-heavy I decided to release it in two parts. Part 2 will be up next week.

Garden of Roses Granny Square Part 1- Free Pattern

Garden of Roses Granny Square

You’ll need:

  • DK cotton yarn (Cascade Ultra Pima in Natural, Buff, Sage and Purple Ice )
  • 4 mm hook

Edit: I used a total of 185 g of Cascade yarn for my finished square (part 1 and 2) which measures about 18 inches across. I sadly don’t have specific amounts for each colour, however when I’m redoing the square I’ll update this bit of the pattern as well.



ch= chain

sc= single crochet (US term); double crochet (dc, UK term)

st= stitch(es)

hdc = half double crochet (US term); half treble crochet (htr, UK term)

bpdc = backpost double crochet (US term); backpost treble crochet (bptr, UK term)

In my patterns UK terms are always given in brackets.

Special stitches:

Beg tr 5 bobble: first tr (dtr) replaced by ch3 st.

tr 5 bobble: Bobble stitch containing 5 treble (double treble) stitches. If you need help with this stitch please check Dedris tutorial on bobble stitches. But attention, Dedris bobble stitch contains only 3 rather than 5 trebles (double trebles) but the principle is the same.

V-st (V-stitch): dc (tr) ch1 dc (tr) in same st

Tip: If you’re an intermediate crocheter I would recommend starting off with standing stitches rather than ch-stitches at the beginning of the rounds to achieve a neater finish.


Starting off with purple ice

Make Magic ring, ch 1

Round 1: 6 sc (dc) in magic ring. (6 st)

Round 2 (in back loops only):  2 sc (dc) in each st around. (12 st)

Round 3 (in back loops only):  *2 sc (dc), sc (dc) in next st*, 6 times (18 st)

Round 4 (in back loops only):  *2 sc (dc), sc (dc) in next 2 st*, 6 times (24 st)

Round 5 (in back loops only):  *2 sc (dc), sc (dc) in next 3 st*, 6 times (30 st)

Round 6 (in back loops only):  *2 sc (dc), sc (dc) in next 4 st*, 6 times (36 st)

sl, ch 1 turn

Garden of Roses Granny Square

Round 7 (working into the previously unworked front loops): going back to the centre *sc (dc), ch 2, skip 1 st*, 61 times,  sc (dc), sl (62 st)
as you can see in the picture below you now ended up in the middle of your circle.

Garden of Roses Granny Square

Round 8: *3 hdc (htr) in first ch2 space, sc (dc) in next ch 2 space*, 4 times *4 hdc (htr) in ch2 space, sc  (dc) in next ch 2 space*4 times, *hdc (htr) 2 dc (tr) hdc (htr) in ch2 space, sc (dc) in next ch2 space*, 7 times *hdc (htr) 3dc (tr) hdc (htr) in ch2 space, sc (dc) in next ch2 space*, 8 times *5 dc (tr) in ch2 space, sc (dc) in next ch2 space*, 8 times sl in ch 1 space

fasten off your yarn:

Garden of Roses Granny Square

That’s your rose done. Doesn’t it look lovely? I’m really in love with the fact that I managed to get the rose done in one piece without any sewing involved!

Now onto turning the rose into a square:

with Sage working in the back loop of round 6 starting in any st:

Round 9: ch3 (counts as dc) , dc (tr) in same st, dc (tr) in next 7 st, 2 dc (tr) in next st, *ch2, 2 dc (tr), dc (tr) in next 7 st, 2 dc (tr) in next st* 3 times ch2, join to ch3 (44 st)

(you don’t have to fasten off at this point I only did it for the picture)

Garden of Roses Granny Square

Round 10: Beg tr 5 bobble ch2, *skip next 2 st, 2 hdc (htr) cluster, ch 2, skip next 2 st, 2 hdc (htr) cluster,ch 2, tr 5 bobble, ch 5,  skip ch2 space, tr 5 bobble*, 3 times skip next 2 st, 2 hdc (htr) cluster, ch 2, skip next 2 st, 2 hdc (htr) cluster,ch 2, tr 5 bobble, ch 5 and join to beg tr 5 bobble.

Garden of Roses Granny Square

Round 11: In any corner of the square ch3, 2 tr (dtr) in same space, *dc (tr) in bobble st, [3 dc (tr) in ch space, dc (tr) in cluster st], twice 3 dc (tr) in ch space, dc (tr) in bobble st, 3 tr (dtr) ch 2 3 tr (dtr) in ch5 space,*  3 times,  [3 dc (tr) in ch space, dc (tr) in cluster st], twice 3 dc (tr) in ch space, dc (tr) in bobble st, 3 tr (dtr) ch 2 in ch5 space join and fasten off seagrass

Garden of Roses Granny Square

with Buff

Round 12: ch3 dc (tr) in any corner space, *dc (tr) in next st, skip 2 st, [v-st, skip 2 st] 5 times, dc (tr) in next st, 2 dc (tr) ch2 2 dc (tr) in corner space*, 3 times,  dc (tr) in next st, skip 2 st, [v-st, skip 2 st] 5 times, dc (tr) in next st, 2 dc (tr) ch2 join

Garden of Roses Granny Square

Round 13: ch3 dc (tr) in corner space, *bpdc (bptr) in next 3 st, skip 2 st, [v-st, skip 2 st] 5 times, bpdc (bptr) in next 3 st, 2 dc (tr) ch2 2 dc (tr) in corner space*, 3 times,  bpdc (bptr) in next 3 st, skip 2 st, [v-st, skip 2 st] 5 times, bpdc (bptr) in next 3 st, 2 dc (tr) ch2 join

Garden of Roses Granny Square

With Sage

Round 14: ch3 dc (tr) in any corner space, *hdc (htr in next 25 st), 2 dc (tr) ch 2 dc (tr) in corner space* 3 times, hdc (htr in next 25 st), 2 dc (tr) ch 2 join to beginning ch3

Garden of Roses Granny Square

So this brings you to a garden with one rose square. Next week more roses will follow to turn it into a garden of roses :) I would love to see how your rose turned out if you feel like making one. So please feel free to post a picture to my Facebook wall or link the project to your Ravelry account

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Happy Crocheting!

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Disclaimer:  This pattern is not for resale so please do not sell it to other people. If you do use it and enjoy it, I’d be grateful for a link back to my blog and the pattern, but please don’t copy and paste it to your website or copy my pictures. You’re allowed to sell finished items created with the pattern, but please do give me credit as the designer (link back to the blog when selling online). Thank you!


I’m San and I’m the voice behind Loopsan. I’m a scientist by day (oh-no nerd alarm ;-)) but at night I turn into a crafter with heart. I love to crochet, bake, travel, keep memories in photographs and love everything DIY.


  1. DiAnna Loy Reply

    Thank you for sharing this part of the pattern; you are very generous to do so. This square intrigues me with all of its depth and action while maintaining all of its charm.

    • San Reply

      Thank you Dianna! Can’t wait to see how your’s will turn out :)

  2. gladys styles Reply

    love it and thank you for can’t wait it start it thanks

  3. I truly appreciate your sharing of your lovely pattern! Thank you so much, San.

    • San Reply

      You’re very welcome Lee! Can’t wait to see how you’re will turn out :)

  4. Erina van Eeden Reply

    The finished Garden of Roses is beautifully,but can only understand the pattern till round 6,it is not clear a step by step intructions from there on ,very confusing for me ,no photos or that you must work in front loops or where to start at the beginning,so sad very disappointed!!

    • San Reply

      I’m sorry that you’re disappointed Erina! I don’t really understand where you did got stuck though. You work in the all the remaining front loops (just working your way back to the centre). Can you tell me please what is confusing you and I try to get a tutorial up for that specific bit? Thanks a lot

  5. I already wrote about this granny square on my blog a while ago. I absolutely love this one, it is só pretty.
    I am going to make one right now!

    Thank you for sharing.


    • San Reply

      Thank you Corine! Can’t wait to see how it’ll turn out :) x

  6. Pat Scotson Reply

    As usual, your work is “one of a kind.” It’s always such a treat to find out what you’re going to do next. In the next couple of days I’m going to order the yarn I need. Will there be only 4 colors used for all squares? How many colors should I plan to buy? Thanks again for sharing your creativity with all of us.

    • San Reply

      Thanks a lot Pat. Actually this is only a pattern for one square and not multiples squares. It’ll measures about 18 inch across after part 2 of the pattern. But you can grow it into a whole blanket afterwards if you would wanted to. I used about 185g of the Cascade yarn for my version but sadly don’t have the exact weights for all the colours used at the moment (thats why I wanted to redo the square ;)) but it means that one ball of each colour will leave you with plenty of left-over yarn :) x

  7. San, I originally complemented Dedri on how beautiful this was and how much joy I get out of just looking at her wonderful creations. She corrected me and told me this was yours so, my dear, I am thanking your for your creativity and such beautiful work. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is truly a beautiful work of art.

  8. Fleurette Milsom Reply

    Thank you so much for the first part of the pattern, myself and our crochet group are very exited to start crocheting your beautiful creation ‘Garden of Roses’ at our weekly ‘get together’……….. I hope Part 2 is not too far behind, :-)

  9. Patricia Rand Reply

    I love this Rose pattern and was wondering if you have a sign up or are you just putting it on whenever ?

    • San Reply

      Hi Patricia, no sign up required as it’s only a two parts pattern :)

  10. Sharon Laubscher Reply

    Thanks so much for the pattern, looking forward to creating a beautiful Garden of Roses for my two granddaughters.

  11. Loving the color choices! Beautiful. Can’t wait for the other parts!

  12. Nicole Keily Reply

    Wow! Just found out about your pattern from Dedri’s blog. So beautiful. I just have to make this! Is there an easy way to download this to save it to my ipad? Some websites have a printer friendly button…but I couldn’t see one here. Thanks.

    • San Reply

      Hi Nicole I currently don’t have a print friendly button on my website but you can always copy and paste the url into the print friendly website and it’ll be converted :) Hope that helps :)

  13. Angela Gordon Reply

    Wow! This is a beautiful design. Thank you for sharing.

    It looks really complicated but I look forward to trying it out on my next flight to Florida which is this September and is when I get to sit still for several hours,

  14. Hi San!

    Do you have a pattern page set up on Ravelry for this lovely? I’d love to see everyone’s progress!!

    Thank you for the pattern!

    • San Reply

      Hi Kelly,

      Thanks for reminding me. I started drafting the page on Ravelry but forgot to publish it in the end… It’s up now though :) Can’t wait to see your progress pictures on there too!

  15. What a beautiful pattern you’ve created! I’ve got so many things I’m trying to accomplish, but definitely want to add this to my list, as many of us crochet addicts do! Not sure when I’ll get around to it but hopefully in the not too distant future. I’m looking forward to part 2 as well! Thank you again for sharing your beautiful talents with us!

  16. I have had withdrawal symptoms since finishing my sophie, and i could’nt find another stimulating project until I found you. Thankyou for a wonderful design, I looking forward to part two.

  17. this is simply gorgeous! Have my colors, can hardly wait to get started on it, but I have 5 children I am making afghans for Christmas and have to finish them first. Won’t be long however!

  18. Gillian Mc Reply

    Wonderful pattern, thank you SO much, all that hard work! Very generous of you.
    I have a question about Round 11: There’s no second asterisk, so I’m not sure where that * * section ends. Could you possibly let me know? Also, in a number of places you’ve written “in same same” – perhaps that means “in same space”? Or is it something else?
    Many thanks!

    • San Reply

      Thank you Gillian! Also for pointing out those mistakes. It should be all fixed now :) Hope you’ll enjoy making it!

  19. Maria Vazquez Reply

    Hi! I love this square! I have started it, but I am having trouble with making rounds 7 and 8 work. Where does round 7 start? If I start with the unworked loops, the first unworked loop would be from round 5, and I end up with fewer than 58 sc’s and 57 ch2 spaces. If I start with what would be back loops after turning for round 7 and working into round 6 and eventually getting to unworked loops and then repeating for 57 times and ending with an sc, I don’t end up in the middle. I’m missing something, and I can’t figure it out.

    Thank you!

    • San Reply

      Thank you Maria! Sorry it wasn’t you it was me :) You work always in the front loops starting from round 6. I corrected the pattern now so you should be ending up in the middle :) Sorry for the confusion it caused! This pattern was tested but small things can always slip through! Thanks for pointing out the error! Hope from now it it’ll be smooth sailing :) If not please ask!

      • Maria Vazquez Reply

        Thank you so much for your quick reply. It is a beautiful motif. I can hardly wait to finish it :)

  20. Hi, I am exited to do this pattern. I started fine up to round 10. It is very confusing. Am I suppose to chain 2 after every cluster except the corners? Awaiting your response.

    • San Reply

      Hi Olga,

      glad that you enjoy the pattern :) Yes you need to chain 2 after every cluster just the chain spaces in the corners are differnt. Hope that helps :)

  21. Linda Whiteley Reply

    Oh Joy! Another beautiful project to add to my growing list. I’m so happy to see where crochet has been taken. Thank you for the pattern. My friends will be fighting over who gets it. LOL!!!!! I might have to keep it for myself though. HEEEEheeee! Thanks again!

  22. Julie Jarrett Reply

    I thought I could follow this pattern but I can’t. I have even drawn it out and nothing makes sense to me. Plus mine is so tight as there doesn’t appear to be enough stitches to make the round and I’ve tried all sizes of hooks.

    Round 3 (in back loops only): *2 sc (dc), sc (dc) in next st*, 6 times (18 st) Does this mean 3 in the stitch? and then you’re skipping a stitch?
    Round 4 (in back loops only): *2 sc (dc), sc (dc) in next 2 st*, 6 times (24 st) and this 3 in next 2 stitches?

    • San Reply

      Hi Julie
      Round 3 reads like this: make 2 sc in one st, sc in next st, 2 sc next st, sc in next etc. which means you’ll have 6 stitches in which you make 2 and 6 in which you make 1 stitch. So you make a total of 18 st in this round.
      Round 4 reads like this: make 2 sc in st, sc in next 2 st etc so once again you’ll have 6 st in which you made increases and this time around 12 st in which you only make one st. so you make a total of 24 st in this round.
      Hope that helps and your circle works out now :)

  23. Julie Jarrett Reply

    Thank you SO much. I have never worked a pattern like this and got confused by the lack of slip stitches to finish a row….Silly me. I should have realised it was a continuation of the 6 rows. I apologize for bothering you…My mind was hopping down the wrong trail. It truly is one of the most beautiful pieces I have seen, and your colour scheme is a classic. Thank you SO much for your fast assistance.

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