I might starting to get a little bit addicted to making baby clothes. It was quite a lot of fun to do my first baby clothes ever. They worked up so quickly so I wanted to do more :) Reading through blogland I found a really cute lace jacket pattern. Even though this pattern is supposedly for 6-12 months I downsized and modified the pattern a little bit as I wasn’t able to access the original smaller pattern.

My modifications:

  • yarn:2 balls of DK yarn in a pink/rose
  • hook 6 mm (as there was no gauche given I just trusted my instinct and decided that I can stick to the given needle size but just upsize the yarn. As I’m tending to crochet quite tidily this will do the trick)
  • Instead of the 12 lace rows the pattern was asking for I made 18 (so added 6) to make the jacket a little bit longer
  • Extension of the arm bit by 4 rows with 18 stitches each (as I prefer longer arms, which you can than fold over)
  • No picot edging, instead I just did a normal row of double crochet (UK treble crochet) at the bottom
  • Only one button instead of 4. Instead of the whole buttonhole section I just made a chainstitch loop buttonhole
  • At the end I folded the york section and sew it in place to make the button stand out a little bit more.

And that’s it. Seems to be like quite a lot of modifications but it’s actually not. IMG_3720



Happy Crocheting!


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