You know that feeling when you see something somewhere then have a brilliant idea or just think oh I want to do that as well. So you get what you need and what happens next it all lands in your big box of craftystuff and is waiting and waiting to get used. This is what exactly happened to my washi tape. I had soooo many ideas what to do with it but well never came around to actually do it.

While sorting through some stuff I came over a big bag of tealights and suddenly remembered that there was the washi tape still waiting to get used… So finally I did what I wanted to do already months ago – some nice washi tape decorated tee lights :) It’s so quickly done, don’t know why I didn’t do it much earlier! And really simple. Just stick your washi tape to the tealight and done. Looks quite impressive for a thing which is so simple to do!



Happy Crafting!

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I’m San and I’m the voice behind Loopsan. I’m a scientist by day (oh-no nerd alarm ;-)) but at night I turn into a crafter with heart. I love to crochet, bake, travel, keep memories in photographs and love everything DIY.

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