I know that there have been lots of baby items around my blog recently but I’m sorry I can’t get enough of making cute things for the little ones in my life. The good thing about this hat is it’s based on the simple “half double crochet hat ” pattern by oombawka design, so you can make it easy to fit an adult as well in case you don’t have little ones :)

Simple Bow Hat

Simple Bow Hat Pattern

You’ll need:



ch= chain

sc= single crochet (US term); double crochet (dc, UK term)

hdc = half double crochet (US term); half treble crochet (htr, UK term)

st= stitch(es)

In my patterns, UK terms are always given in brackets.


Let’s get started:

As we’re using chunkier yarn than given in the pattern we’re upsizing the original pattern by about one size, which means that I used the newborn pattern as a guide to ending up with a hat, which fits a 6-month-old baby. But this of course depends on your gauge!

Simple Bow Hat

Follow the pattern for your desired size until you’ll reach the last round. In the last round replace hdc (htr) with sc (dc). Then make a round of reverse sc (dc), fasten off, weave in ends.

Simple Bow Hat

Now onto the bow:

ch 10

Row 1-3: hdc (htr) in each st, ch 1. (9 st)

fasten off, weave in ends.

Simple Bow Hat

Take a piece of yarn and wrap it around the middle to form a bow. Attach bow to hat and that’s it :) Very simple bow hat made :)

Simple Bow Hat

I hope I’ve inspired you to make your own simple bow hat and would love to see how it turned out so please feel free to post a picture to my Facebook wall or link the project to your Ravelry account. And don’t forget to follow me on bloglovin to stay updated on what’s happening here.

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Happy Crocheting!

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  1. What a pretty little hat :-) this evening I’m starting the little dress you did a couple of weeks ago. You know, I would never have contemplated that pattern if I hadn’t seen your version as it’s so plain and ‘boring’ on the pattern photo. Just those colour changes you made make all the difference.

  2. Things are just ten times cuter when their tiny aren’t they? :). I keep making little booties or another baby project with nobody in mind. then somebody visits and I’m like, “Oh hold on I have something for you.” :D

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